Freeciv Testing

The purpose of this project is to make it easy for users who would like to test the latest features under development either to help out in squashing bugs and improving the code or or just because the features are really nice to have. This project is not (directly) for developers although we hope to gain something by making our unstable code easier to test.

Use 'cvs checkout freeciv-test' ( details on cvs access) to get a version with all the cool features not yet stable enough for the official freeciv cvs. Applied and ready to './configure; make install'.

Or download the latest release here.

Currently added features:

  • Sound! (sound data included)
  • Connection dialog! (no more console server)
  • New default isometric tileset!
  • "Harder" AI players. AI players in this mode cooperate against you.


Released new version with "Load game" freeze bug fixed and SDL sound source files included.

Some screenshots can be found here.

Note that this is an unstable version and it would be greatly appreciated if you report any bug or problems you run into. You can report this either to freeciv-test-main (especially if you suspect it is a problem with the setup of this version) or to freeciv-dev (the official freeciv development list).

See for the real thing or SourceForge project hompage for details.

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